PINCH PANTRY opens on Greenwood Road

IMG_9399The beautifully tiny Pinch Pantry opened its doors on Saturday to a warm welcome in the neighbourhood.

Operated by the lovely Catherine Martin (Our Exquisite Corpse), Venus McMahon and Rachel O’Sullivan (Ex Head Chef of Spuntino) this gorgeous deli is offering the neighbourhood a carefully curated collection of delicious morsels including a range of our special charcuterie!

Venus has spent many hours collating a range of items that she truly loved – items that aren’t available easily and that she felt the neighbourhood would appreciate. Wines come mostly organic/ and or natural, cheeses are sourced from Neals Yard and a lovely selection of seasonal vegetables are available.


IMG_9394Catherine Martin is also Our Exquisite Corpse, of which there are some gorgeous examples amongst the edibles. She has been searching for a long time to hang her special cow hoof lights  and has created a lovely environment in which to shop.

The talented Rachel O’Sullivan will be preparing some gorgeous pre-prepared meals you can simply warm up and serve. Undoubtably a saviour for many – one we can’t wait to take advantage of.

One thing that we are excited about is that finally we can offer our bespoke charcuterie outside of the walls of LARDO. We are thrilled that PINCH are selling both our Fennel Pollen Salame and our Black Anise Pepperoni. We hope to increase the offering further as the year continues.

IMG_9397Please do yourself a favour and pop down to check out the gorgeous PINCH - You will be transported from the streets of Hackney into the warmth of a food utopia and your stomach will love you for it.


51A Greenwood Rd

Hackney E8


Christmas at LARDO

Kids are great. They are to the point, and clear about their goals. They know what they like, and what they want. We could all learn a bit from them. Some kids have one solid interest. Others are in it for companionship, and others just want a new hairdo (and an elf).

Hannah montana

realelfcat, dog, pigOnce you get to be grown-up, we all suddenly begin to want the same things. Perhaps because we now know that elves are overrated, and pigs are nicest when cooked.

These days, one of the main things on our Christmas hotlist is a good meal, with some great wine, and all our favourite people around us. We don’t want to cook it, and we would prefer someone who is lovely to bring us these tasty things with good cheer.

Now – without being too obvious – I know just the place.

Click here for the menu, and you can email us

if you want to make a booking.

*We are taking bookings for our christmas menu for daytime only and for a minimum of 8 people. If you would like to come for 7 or less, we will have some of seasonal dishes available on our a la carte menu. Unfortunately, we can’t accomodate groups larger than 7 people in the evening, after 5:30. Please let us know if you are interested in going to the Hackney Empire Pantomime before or after your booking. We can arrange discounted tickets for groups.

Open House comes to COPPA


Open House, one of the best opportunities to be a sticky-beak without being caught out, is on this weekend. If you have left it late you may of missed out on the many of the bookable ‘hot tickets’ of this years line up but there are still some that are open to the public and worth going to see.

Our lovely friends at Tropolis have put together the “must-see” list for this year, which you can see here, and they also have a great summary of last years hits here if you fancy living vicariously.

Alternatively you can come up to COPPA, pretend you are here for the architecture, have a chat with the lovely architects who originally designed the huts and have a drink. Our bar will be open for all Architecture nerds and early thirsty folk.


Don’t forget that Saturday night is our last night at COPPA this year, so stick around and partake in the party…

COPPA: Changing with the times..

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for coming to COPPA and helping us in the glory of the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying. We have had a fantastic first half of this summer, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that that the sun continues to shine!  We’re having such fun up there, and it’s great to see so many of you enjoy it.

We’re aware that sometimes at peak times we haven’t been able to seat and serve all our walk-in customers.  We’re sorry to those who’ve had to wait longer than you would like, or if we haven’t been able to seat you due to demand. We are trying to find the balance so that you can enjoy what we are offering, and we can give you the best possible time.

When we decided to open COPPA, we dreamed of a beach side bar, full of relaxation and good times. We thought that it would be an relaxed  and loose affair; we didn’t want people to have to book, it was supposed to be a place that you could pop up to and grab a snack and a drink and hang out for a while. And while being a pop-up, we’re somewhat limited in what we can do. The bar is smaller than we would like, the kitchen is really a jazzy BBQ shed. We know it’s not perfect, and we do what we can to make it work. We will make some changes for next year, but for now we are what we are, and we have to work within our restrictions.

Because of the demand, we have to change some of the ways we do things up there. Firstly we are now going to take bookings for the trestle tables as well as the Capannas. This is going to be good news to most. It will help you plan your time with us, and it will help us pace the evening. We are also going to keep the bar free for walk-ins, but we are going to stop serving food in this area. Our little garden shed simply can’t do it all.

We hope these changes will improve the experience for all of us. Please find here a bit more about it. And our menu is here. You can still book by calling us on 020 8985 2683.

Many thanks again for your support. We think you’re ace.

The team at COPPA


LARDO turns One, and how we have grown…

I can’t believe it has been a year. Really. My gosh.

This time last year, we had just cleaned up from a great bash. All our friends who had supported us during the very boring, long process of opening a restaurant had come to celebrate the completion of the build and the opening of our doors. We ate porchetta rolls, and drank prosecco and felt like we had achieved the impossible. We opened our restaurant.

Anyone who has attempted this knows what we mean. The dreaming, the searching, the negotiations, the applications, the delays. Anyone who has tried this knows how tiresome and how excruciating this process can be. Many times I thought of giving up on the plan.  Thankfully there was no back up plan.

That fateful day, one year ago was amazing. What a relief. But what I forgot on that night, was that this wasn’t the completion at all. When I awoke the next day, the realisation that we had to open those doors to the public, who knew nothing of us, of what we had planned, or what we dreamed to do, dawned. This was very much the beginning.

Those first months are tough. As much planning as you do, you are never really ready. You need to work the space, and feel it out to make improvements. You need to tighten those bonds with your coworkers, and you need to get to know your customers. We learned a lot those first months and grew up fast. AA Gill, as much as I disliked your comments then, I have to say, I now agree.

And over this year, the menu has grown from a short list to longer , and we have stretched out into another work space behind us and onto the park. We have served you over 3500 arancini, and 4200 burrata. We now know that the Black Anise Pepperoni Pizza is your favourite, and that the Negroni is your cocktail of choice. We learned that the room is best suited to smaller tables, and that the kitchen stools are made for tall people. We have learnt a lot.

The best thing about opening LARDO – for me – is that I feel so much closer to our fantastic neighbourhood. I have lived here for almost 10 years, and have never felt more welcome and part of this special place. I love that this little restaurant (this little restaurant that could) brings me in close contact with people I have probably walked past many times, but now I know their names.

So what does a restaurant do to celebrate a birthday? We are having a birthday lunch, of course! Offering a special glass of sparkling for this week coming, the menu is here for you to look over. Have a cheers for us.

Restaurants are funny things; they really are a combination of many small details. You knit them all together to hopefully make something special. One of those key details are you. We really would like to thank YOU very much for coming and helping make LARDO what it is.

We love you as much as you love burrata. x

The COPPA CART: Street Feast this Saturday

We have been kindly invited to attend the final hurrah of Street Feast at its awesome, but temporary site in Haggerston.

Street Feast has been something of a phenomenon. Arriving with a huge bang, with lines curling around the block they have featured many a special guest and good times every friday eve. It is amazing what they have created in such a short space of time. Sadly, the site is being turned into a school, so they are needing to move venues, but before they go they are having a final big feast-off.

If you have’t been, here’s a little taster, nicked from Tweatup’s website for your viewing.

We are serving our delicious fennel pollen porchetta rolls, and pig knuckle and cannellini bean stew.

See you there?

Much better than a sandwich

Whilst we’re preparing for glorious sunny days on the Piazza de Richmond Road, there is no denying that winter still has a firm grip.

Our winter lunch special is continuing through these months, with our Hearty option (seen here as Braised Lamb, Potato) and all main pasta’s at a warming £12 with a glass of wine.

I couldn’t think of anything better to distract me. Full menu is here to view 


Poppa Liotta’s Uova Al Purgatorio

Uova Al Purgatorio 2

The newest addition to our brunch menu is Uova al Purgatorio – aka Eggs in Purgatory.

Originally dished out by my dear friend Morgan’s grandad, Poppa Liotta. He travelled from Italy and settled in Tasmania to raise his family (mostly on Uova al Purgatorio), and for the while that I knew him – even after 40+ years in Australia – still spoke as he did when he’d just stepped off the plane.

He lives on through this recipe, and we’re offering it as part of our brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for your eating pleasure.

Launching LARDO

LARDO launch party

LARDO London

The opening of LARDO, our new pizza and charcuterie restaurant is only a day away now, and so we decided to say thank you to all those lovely people who’ve helped us get it this far in the best way we could think of – with beer and pork! It’s been a month of scrambling to get everything finished but we’re over the moon with how the space has turned out, and this was a chance to share it with everyone else.

Anyone who’s opened a restaurant will tell you exactly the same, but it really was down to the wire – we were busy polishing and cleaning and prodding the disco oven into life right up until the point when people started showing up. It didn’t seem to matter. Our brilliant staff kept everyone fed and watered despite being surrounded by our hungry and thirsty friends. We served our guests slices of our fennel pollen salami, and our chefs Damian and Christian sliced fatty porchetta between chunks of bread. The late stayers were treated to slices of lardo pizza. All of you lucky people will get a chance to sample this over the next week.

It seems slightly unreal actually – two years on from the start of our road trip around the USA, when the spark of the idea happened, and we’re finally there. During that trip, when we met a bunch of people who were making closer connections between the farmer and the chefs, it seemed like a logical step to try and create a project which does the same in London. Living in this neighbourhood, we’re constantly meeting folks who are making or baking or growing something fresh and tasty, and we hope to get lots of this locally grown produce into the food that we’re serving.

We open Monday 9th July – come down and say hello…you can book online on our Facebook page, or just drop in…

Some pictures from the party (more on Flickr):

LARDO launch party

LARDO launch party

LARDO launch party