Dining with the farmers: Outstanding In The Fields

We’ve been doing quite a bit of research over the last few months in preparation, but there is one thing that has been on my list for longer than that – ever since I spotted a link to their dinners on the fantastically comprehensive blog, Saltshaker. On Saltshaker, Dan Pearlman links to many supperclubs happening around the world, including my dear friends’ London-based supper experience: the Civet Cat Club. It was this friend that introduced me to the concept.

When T first told me about these new ways of dining, I was really excited. I love dinner parties, and I really like dining in unique spaces. But what really grabbed my imagination with Dan’s Outstanding in the Fields was that there was now an authentic reason to dine differently: to bring attention to the source of the food on the plate – and to link people to the origin of what they are eating.

This rings sweetly to me, as food heritage is close to my family’s heart; my mother has campaigned for years to push this to the forefront of consumers minds, mostly through her creation of two fantastic farmers markets, initially in Willunga, and now at the Royal Showgrounds. I like the elegant touch of Jim Denevan, Katy Oursler and team’s way with the use of the environment and the table. You aren’t force fed the benefits of knowing where your food comes from – you see it and eat if for yourself. You become the sculpture, part of the experience and moment… Well, this is what I think will happen. I haven’t been yet – our booking is on the 9th of August at Troy Gardens, an urban gardenΒ in Wisconsin, and we are driving like demons to get there on time. Strangely, Β I do think it will be worth it.

Chicago is about to experience OITF this weekend. There is an interesting article here about it.


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