Crabby?…. Fatty is!

On ROS’s NY must go list, Fatty Crab was number 1. I loved her description of her dinner there, but had forgotten it all by the time we were sitting in the restaurant. Styled like an Opium Den, with fantastic rotating fans through the middle of the small room, we sat like panting dogs at the front of the room overlooking the street.
It was so stinking hot outside, that we ordered and quickly demolished a large bottle of Hitachino White beer ($20). Sweetly fragrant of orange blossom – I don’t usually like white beers, but this was fantastic. We ordered another to go with our first snack; Fatty Sliders ($9). Pork & beef spiced mini burgers. Why hasn’t someone come up with this before? Smaller is always better. Bite sized therefore less messy. No chance of boredom. Perfect.
Followed swiftly was the Fatty Tea Sandwiches, not the ones that one finds in the Ritz, but pork belly with soured chilli mayo dressing – not really doing it justice with the description there, but you get the picture. White bread has one purpose in this world, and this is it.
Fatty Sammy
Following this was the very fresh Charred Grilled Squid Salad. Not my favourite of them all – and no, not just because it was a salad. It lacked that sour/sweet/spice balance that you need. I wanted the flavour that you get with the green papaya salads in Lao Prabang, but alas, it was not to be. I asked our lovely server, Lily for some lime wedges right at the end, and this helped lift the flavour, but by then it was almost gone. Lily told us as she took the plate away that she always subsitutes the leaves with the green mango, and I felt like punching her. YES! of course! Why didn’t you tell me this before!… Oh well.. We will be back, and I will take your wise advice then.
A little pause, and I was so distracted by the snacks we ordered that I asked S if that was all… No, the Grand Damme of Fatty Crab’s deliciousness was yet to come..
Chilli Crab, Chilli sauce, white toast. Nodding off as I write that, but Oh My; Pull your pants down and pop them on your head and set them on fire! AMAZING!

Becoming aware of the crabby bliss in front of us

20 minutes later and crab juice all over my t-shirt, courtesy of an enthusiastic pull of a claw by S across the table, and S & I were high on life. I don’t think a word was mentioned over the demolishing and destruction of the crustacean, except maybe asking for another finger bowl. So much meat on the beasts, and the chilli sauce was rich and creamy. Dipping the think white toast in the sauce in a chilli drunk state was a moment I won’t forget quickly.
Drinks? Yes, but they weren’t the focus. We started with a glass of Leitz Out Riesling which was too off dry for S, so then we tried the Chateau Soucherie, Anjou blanc Β which was nice. Slightly giddy with the experience of it all we wandered back on the street, hailed the first cab and went to hang out by the pool for a few hours to digest not only the food but our first day in NY.

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