Late night burgers post Arcade Fire

“Best seats in the house. Right up the front…” said the scalper in front of Madison Square Gardens. Don’t know why I believed him, but I did, and although technically speaking he was lying, we didn’t really mind once Arcade Fire made their entrance.

Won’t bore you with all the details, but it was a fantastic gig. Once it was finished, and after many a Bud, we headed to the Blue Ribbon, a late night restaurant, open til 3am – and one to which we had been recommended by someone firmly in the know….

I know how hard it is to be nice to the G.P at the best of times, but at 1am after a night out, I am truly impressed when a waiter can still joke along, and pretend that they are happy to have you munching on a burger and slurring your way through a conversation.

We loved Blue Ribbon. The decor is a bit tired , unflinching from the late 90’s path, but the lighting is perfect – super dark, and the music was a nice mixture of suave beats and 80’s pop classics.

And I love the wavy-arm-taxi-thing you can do in this city:

4 thoughts on “Late night burgers post Arcade Fire

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  2. Having navigated to what must be the coolest gig on the planet you have now ensured the FF Taxi legendary status in our lives. Photos are just great – keep ’em coming.

    • Thanks James, we are doing our best to ensure we have the best possible time..Today, Shangri La cafe and lots of small satchets of jams and fake butter surround us

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