The sounds of Zydeco

Having come across the name ‘zydeco’ several times without really understanding what it meant, last night we finally heard what it’s all about.The closest I’ve come to hearing this kind of music before is in what we in the UK would call a ‘sea shanty‘: fiddle, accordion and percussion (sometimes shaker, sometimes washboard) but really, it’s much more folksy than that.

Despite the music originating from Creole music in the early 19th century, to my ears it sounded hugely contemporary – the looping gait of the rhythm revolving around linked harmonies between the two instruments, constantly evolving and creating a hypnotic loose pulse: this could be Animal Collective we’re listening to…

Love it!

And you can too: < Grooveshark link

(…and while this isn’t exactly what I mean, it’s pretty close)

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