Do you want sugar with that, sir?

Image courtesy of Andrew _ B via Flickr:

No? Well tough cheddar, fella, because you’re going to have it anyways, y’hear?

I am reaching sugar saturation point. After trying to eat well during the last month (and we have, in many cases and many places) it’s become very clear that EVERYTHING has had sugar added to it. Just now, at breakfast, I ate a bowl of fruit that was super sweet. I did this because the alternatives were four different types of donut. I could have had an egg but it wouldn’t surprise me if the chicken had been gen-modded to excrete a sucrose layer around the shell.

All this when America’s diabetes rates are rising, obesity is at or over 30% (check out the infographic on that link for a pretty shocking view of the last 20 years), and food production and manufacturing is coming under the scrutiny of a wider audience.

I’m sweet enough.

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