Farm to Fork in Memphis

As much as the excitement of the trip began with the thought of truly American road food, by the time we arrived in Memphis, I was well and over the novelty of eating fried things in buns. Recommendations of various BBQ joints were ignored (not because I didn’t want to try, but a girl can only eat so much meat!) and cravings of muesli grew stronger… Is this wrong? We’re in the middle of BBQ heaven and all I want are grains!

After a very quiet day in a hotel, thanks to Clarksdale, we were ready to embark on the adventures of Memphis. I looked at a blog that I’ve been following for this exact moment: I love memphis, written by the lovely Kerry. She talks so fondly of her town that I liked it before I arrived, and so using her resource I had a look at what was going on on this fine Sunday morning.

‘Farm to Fork’ is one of 8 events that the local Farmers’ Market is hosting to provide much needed funding to grow. This was going to be the soothing balm for my much needed vegetable cravings. We arrived after popping into the very interesting Sun Studio – which amongst other things was the place where Elvis and Johnny Cash were discovered… They call it the birthplace of rock’n’roll. You decide.

Nothing is going to please me more than a complimentary Bloody Mary. This was followed by a very delicious Mimosa..But a liquid lunch this wasn’t, and after a brief introduction to the chef and the cause the food began to arrive.

First up was Buckwheat biscuit (a scone by any other name) with wildflower honey butter and a blueberry jam. Simple and yet very effective.

Quickly followed was a lovely salad of mixed leaves with Bonny Blue Farm’s goat’s curd, some candied pecans, and raspberry vinaigrette. The goat’s cheese was deliciously creamy with a lovely sharpness. All cheeses that I have had for the last few weeks have been in a bright yellow plastic form known as ‘American Cheese’ and leave a lot to be desired, so this was quite a special moment for us.

Next up was Neola Farm’s prime rib with Flora Farm’s egg, supported by some mixed veg. The meat was served as you would get it with a roast dinner, albeit cold and the egg sat so shiny and bright, you might have needed your sunnies.. I guess that is why they call it here ‘sunny side up’.

Bad jokes aside, next was Lauren Farm‘s Shrimp and Delta Grind grits. Now, I had unfortunately already sampled grits on our ‘hangover day’ in Clarksdale  at The Delta Amusement Cafe. For all the charm of over-syrup’d-diy-post-mix, the owner yelling “Swine!” every five minutes, and old tyres being rolled through the middle of the dining room, I was served my first taste of grits there. It has been said in the past that I like a novelty breakfast item, but my stomach was not able to handle the large dollop of butter amongst some congealed tapioca-like mess on my plate that day. So when they arrived all creamy and flavourful this time, I was a very happy camper.

A refrigerator-cold carrot cake arrived next, which I played with for a moment, but in truth, brunch was already over. Happily sedated with vegetables in my tum and various other deliciously new and some old favourite things, we merrily skipped out to try and make Al Green’s choir sing its hymns at the 4pm session. We unfortunately didn’t make it in time, and Pastor Al Green wasn’t there.. Big shame.

Here is a clip I found on Youtube so we both can feel that we were there.

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