Road food: tips from the taco trailer

In Austin, our greatest goal was to get some respite from the heat, and to eat at some food trucks… A big boom of mobile food vehicles are popping up in the back yards of bars, in parking lots, in car parks, next to swimming pools… You can’t escape them. Being quite interested in opening a food truck business myself one of these days, I had an vested interest to see how these work, if they are successful, and WHY Austin?

Video after the jump.

What I came to see quickly is that these trucks, for the Β most part anyway, are not moveable. They have static set-ups on land which they rent. The permits are pretty easy to come by for the most part, and with low overheads and start-up costs they are a good entry into the catering business.

Below is a chat with John, from Izzoz’s Taco Trailer who kindly gave us his time on a very hot afternoon while he fed us some delicious fish tacos:

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