New Orleans Eaters: a chat with Sara Roahen

It’s pretty hard not to talk about food in New Orleans. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a recommendation (not all wanted, but that’s what you get for asking) One of the best chats we had was with Sara Roahen, the lady who wrote ‘Gumbo Tales’ and a lady that spoke about New Orleans eating with such eloquence that I couldn’t get my nose out of it (the book that is)

She met us at Hanson’s Sno-Ball shop in Uptown. For those that haven’t experienced the beauty of shaven, flavoured ice: you should, it’s better than it sounds. Mine was lime and satsuma. S had a cream of root-beer. It was better than all Sno-balls/ Sno-cones I have had and probably will have for some time. She had written about this in the book, but at the time I wasn’t able to comprehend why a Sno-ball shop can have people lining up the street for some frozen flavoured ice, but there, on that Monday morning, with looming grey, hurricane-season clouds forming behind us, I got it.

One thought on “New Orleans Eaters: a chat with Sara Roahen

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