Wildwood Pork ‘N Beans

More campfire cooking goodness for y’all: we stayed at a somewhat spooky, if family-friendly campsite while in Virginia and cooked us some stewy porky food that will stay with me for the rest of this trip and beyond. Certainly my memories of the place we ate it in will…

Arriving late in the day, we’d picked up some pork shoulder at a farmers’ market in Roanoke and some fresh beans and heirloom tomatoes to go with it, and once we found somewhere to put up the tent, decided to make a hearty broth to lift us from our Β ever-so-slightly-over-being-damp-and-smelly-in-a-tent funk. We chose a lovely place for it:

Once we’d finely diced the pork, and slowly sauteed it with onions and chilli over the fire – caramelisation, I’m told, is the technical term for this – we added two chopped tomatoes and a splash of water. It simmered for about twenty minutes before we added the beans. Five or so minutes later we had a spicy stew that was as fine as anything we’ve eaten so far!

While the stew was delicious, I can’t help thinking it was made more so by the catty outfit of the chef:

Bought in Loretta Lynn’s roadside restaurant and giftshop (genius, I kid you not), I Β can’t help feeling that my big cat t-shirt somehow imbued the broth with mythical properties. So much so that once we’d settled down for the evening, I started to get slightly paranoid and freaked out at the Blair Witchy nature of the near-empty campsite. There were no oversized cartoon characters to welcome us there when we’d arrived, let me tell you. Before long I was imagining being locked blindfold in a basement with dogs barking, and it was time to get the hell out. Putting down the tent in record time, in the car headlights, we made our rapid escape to a nearby hotel at Natural Bridge.

Big sighs of relief! It could have been oh so very different…

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