London Borough Of Jams

Chatsworth road market, E5, launched last weekend. It is the first time (embarrassingly so) that I have delved so deep into Hackney. We walked into a hive of activity, full of cafes selling benedicts and lattes, and a collection of stalls selling lovely items – but we were on a mission to find one in particular.

London Borough of Jams, launched this week with the market. LBoJ is the creation of Lillie O’Brien – pastry chef extraordinaire at St Johns Bread and Wine. When we got there, it was already sold out on many of the favourites. Some of the combinations included Raspberry and Lavender, Strawberry with Anise, Fig and Earl Grey, and Wild Loganberry. My personal favourite is the Strawberry sauce which I have put over ice cream, in my porridge, and straight out of the jar when no one is looking.

Next market she promises pickles, which gives perfect reason to head back into deepest darkest to stock your cupboard full and also perfectly timed for those lucky to be on your christmas list.

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