What Happens When? – The new twist on the Pop-Up

Trust NYC to come up with a new twist on the now relatively common place Pop-Up.

What Happens When is a new type of restaurant that is not only temporary – it’s open for 9 months, but is also reinventing – It will have an identity make-over every month.

This is all happening withย the support of the community, in hard cold cash, thanks to Kickstarter. This is the second restaurant that I have seen gain financial support from this funding platform for creative projects. The first was Colonie, a new restaurant that opens this weekend in Brooklyn Heights which offered meal deals to their donators. In What Happens When, they are offering input into how their restaurant is themed. All very community spirited…If you’re idea is a good ‘en.

WHW is run by a chef, 2 designers and a sound artist. Their idea is that you will get is an environment where all sensory elements have been thoughtfully considered, not just theย taste-buds.

This reminds me of another restaurant in NYC which has a makeover every season, Park Avenue. although these restaurants will be very different in style and feel, I love that the other elements of dining – the sounds, the interiors, the service are all playing as much of a role as the food.

First up, WHW has a Baltic theme. Think cool lines, cold fish.

I look forward to seeing what the next few will be.

One thought on “What Happens When? – The new twist on the Pop-Up

  1. Hey I like your blog and want to start a “pop up” myself.I use this same theme but cant figure it out,it is a slow process for me. How do you get the blogroll to show just the names verses all the url info?

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