A chat with Jimmy Sneed, a fortunate run-in

Jimmy Sneed is from the old guard. Chef by profession and self confessed soul-saver by trade…

We met Jimmy by complete coincidence. We had driven to Richmond, VA on our last few days on the road. In all honesty we were tired and a little over it – having spent all our money, we were camping for the majority of the last few weeks. Highway motels were now a luxury we couldn’t afford.

Whinging aside, when we got to Richmond we were introduced to Happy. And this is when we began to, well… be happier! Happy was painting the outside of the school bus for Farm to Family when we came to visit. He swore that if we were in town, that there was someone that we must meet. The following day we had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy. He was very close to opening Fresca, his new vegetarian restaurant in Richmond, but kindly took some time out to chat to us and share his philosophy and passion for what he does.

Sitting outside in the great cafe, The Lamplighter, we set up the camera, and listened… We snipped the first half of the long conversation here for you to view, but he talked for a while longer. We’ll be posting the second half next week, where Jimmy talks about his introduction to chefs working closely with local producers of fine food…

Moral of the story here? You’re on bloody holiday. Snap out of it.

I would do anything right now to be back there having a latte with Jimmy.

Update: the second part of this interview can be watched here!

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