Salvatore Brooklyn – Artisanal Ricotta

My friend Kelly has just shared with me this great video, and I thought it only best to share.

Betsy Levine and Rachel Mark Devine, partners in life and in business found their calling when spending an extended break in Italy, where they came across a man called.. you guessed it, Salvatore.

Opening their eyes to ricotta unlike anything that they have eaten before, on their return to Brooklyn they went about making it themselves. Before they knew it, Betsy, who was working at Lunetta Restaurant had her ricotta on the menu, and slowly the interest grew. Now, a few years down the track, they are supplying Per Se, and other high end restaurants and have extended their product range to olive oil and are in the process of developing a larger range of fresh italian inspired cheeses.

I don’t know what they put in the water in Brooklyn, but this little corner of the world is full of stories just like this one…

Other urban cheese makers closer to home..

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