The Sportsman, Whitstable

The Sportsman is situated between Whitstable and Faversham, right on a section of coast which is pretty grim and bleak. The sky that day was incredibly misty and grey.ย 

But inside the Sportsman was a different feeling altogether. Warm, welcoming, and really quite busy for a grim tuesday.

We ordered from a communal blackboard, took ourselves to a little nook by the fire.

The soda bread needs to be noted in particular; tasting of malt and caramel and smothered in the butter was so incredibly good I would travel to Whitstable daily on a donkey if I could guarantee myself a loaf.

Starters were a tray of Whitstable natives, perhaps not the most creative of starter choices, but when in Rome… However, I was pushed from my throne quick-smart when S was served a bowl of liquid beauty guised as mussel and smoked bacon soup.

Steaming pea and bacon soup, juicy plump molluscs floating about, with a collection of pretty chives, the darn good soda bread again but this time in crumbs with a sprinkle of scallop roe powder…

Main courses followed – mine being Ray with baby shrimps in brown butter, very very good and S having Turbot with pork belly.

More pictures of our walk post lunch can be found here.

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