Snacking at Spuntino

We lucky four were invited to the friends & family day of of Spuntino, the third, long anticipated restaurant from the hugely successful guys behind Polpo and Polpetto. I don’t think there is anything better than to see your friends do well at what they do – Go Rachel!

Spuntino – aka ‘snack’ – is situated in a grimy corner of Soho, and is a beacon of hospitality amongst the ‘XXX for a fiver’ stores that surround it. My dear friend Rachel, who has recently been heading up the kitchen in Polpetto, is the creative genius behind the food at Spuntino.

There is a definitive feel that Spuntino is not to be taken too seriously, and that is good news… it’s fun. A great soundtrack of southern soul and blues plays in the background. The staff have a rockabilly vibe that feels authentic and the interior tiling has been there forever, but only recently has seen the light of day.

You get really tasty interpretations of classic dishes, as Spuntino plays on the staples that we love to eat. American dishes are the majority, but tasty Italian-inspired items and some great classic British dishes are nestled in there too. There is plenty of options to choose from here, but don’t come here if you are dairy intolerant  – that would be a special type of suffering you wouldn’t want to inflict on yourself.

We ate Mac & Cheese, Sliders of beef and bone marrow, Truffle egg toast, and egg & soldiers. We ate duck ham salads and roast chicory with speck. We ate soft-shell crab and inky calamari. We ate deep fried olives and aubergine fries. We ate peanut jelly sandwiches, brown sugar cheesecake, and boozy brownies. All of it was amazing – at the end of the feasting I had a huge collection of napkins in my lap which signified the messy pleasure had just been had.

We all had our favourites and all of these have their own suprising elements but I won’t ruin the fun. You have to go and have your own jolly at this place. I expect this is the first of many lovely afternoons that I will spend here and for this I am truly thankful.

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