Alien spottings, crop-circles & Mangalitza pigs

Wiltshire has some breathtaking vistas. UK country side is hard to beat in the summer.

By the time we had gotten out of London, and visited the lovely Doves Farm and their furry pigs we were parched and desperate to settle ourselves up for lodging. Quietly avoiding a travellers pub which offered ‘camping’ alongside some rusted car carcasses, we found ourselves at the lovely Barge Inn right in the centre of crop-circle territory.

Finding this community-run pub was an added bonus. Good hearty pub food, and incredibly relaxed staff (smoking the good stuff?) ย but it was all so charming, you just had to go with it.. You can’t fire the locals, they own it! And why would you? That is all part of the charm.

I would suggest you visit this one if you are in the area. Ignore the alien references and novelty jumpers.

Barge Inn Hotel

Honey Street


Witshire SN9 5PS

One thought on “Alien spottings, crop-circles & Mangalitza pigs

  1. Hi Liz,
    Love the pigs and can only imagine how yum the sausages must be! We loved Wiltshire and Dorset the best out of all the English counties we visited. Absolutely stunning countryside – the Cranbourne Chase country was so beautiful – and little hidden gems of pubs in villages tucked away down folds of hills. I think we counted about 8 white horses that we saw on our travels up every B single lane road. Best of luck with the chacuterie! Love Jude

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