Castellano’s All Things Pig Dinner 2011

How fortuitous that the weekend of our Pig Adventure also coincided with Castellano’s All Things Pig Dinner in Bristol.

Also very lucky was that our Pig weekend also happened to be in and around the West Country, so an adventure up to Bristol – a very nice detour to make – wasn’t too far a trip. 

I too was happy to avoid the potential rain flooding that google weather was predicting, which was looking much like the rain that ended our last trip so succinctly.

Bristol – The mouth into Britain, town of students, and protesters against TESCO. What’s not to like?

Castellano’s ‘All Things Pig’ is the second of a series of dinners that they have held in a beautiful church in South Bristol. The first, by all accounts, was a raving success, so much so that the folks we sat next to were too slow in getting a seat, so had been waiting for the second attempt to get a go. Being that there were approximately 170 people lined up in the hall, that makes a lot of people that like to eat pork.

We arrived later than we had hoped – I could blame the massive Street Art Festival that was going on, but truly it was that we were having a lovely stroll through the town.

Once we had sorted out the booze, making it just in time for the feasting to begin.

First up: Fried chorizo persillade, Rillettes, Brawn remoulade. All pretty tasty, but I did think that the remoulade could have done with some more kick. The chorizo won my vote.

This was followed by the appetiser of Delices de St Antoine, Boudin noir, and caramelised apple. This was the knock-out for me on the night. The Boudin noir was creamy and super soft, staining everything with a lovely porky-ness.

The Charcuterie platter of Coppa, Saucisson, pate de campagne, pate en croute served with onion marmalade, and cornichons was pretty good too. Most of us agreed that the thyme was a bit overpowering on the Coppa, and the pate de campagne was the firm favourite. The onion marmalade was amazing with our neighbour confessing to eating this straight out of the jar when at home.

Then came the palate cleanser of Cheddar strawberries and chilled vodka shot which was deeee-lish. It appears that Cheddar is also famous for their amazing strawberries, not unlike the wild strawberries I have tried which taste, well, very very strawberry.

Mains were the aptly named Loin, ‘tounge in cheek’ with star anis, orange, served with sage polenta, and braised chicory. Best bit about this dish was the ‘tongue’ in ‘cheek’ which was rich, and full of amazing flavour. The texture of the tongue was great next to the cheek which basically fell apart with a gently nudge. Loin was less interesting than the rest of the dish, but perhaps I was just a bit full.

Not full enough to miss out on the White Chocolate and rhubarb mousse though! This was damn fine, and light as air. A perfect way to finish off a great meal.

The next one of the series is All Things Italian, which is on July 23rd. I am seriously considering making the trip down again, I would suggest you all do too.
Castellano’s Deli

802 Fishponds Rd


PH: 0117 965 2792

2 thoughts on “Castellano’s All Things Pig Dinner 2011

  1. Hi Vince, I was really annoyed not to have been able to make the event. Sounds like congratulations are in order. I am going to really try to make the next event.

    Just a thought, I have a customer with a very rare Alfa Romeo sports (about 1930′ ish I think) as it’s all things Italianshould I ask him if he would like to display it at you next event? It really is a talking point.

    My own plans are coming along nicely. I now have a warhouse in St Phillips and my new website is about to be launched so I am fully Bristol based.

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