Soho Food Feast 2011

This weekend made it my third consecutive weekend in Soho. I would have normally sworn off sharing my weekends with tourists, but there have been too many things to do that it would have been criminal not to.

This weekend’s excuse was the brilliant Soho Food Feast, which was a fundraiser for the local Parish school, and one of the few remaining green spots in the city. A personal mission from Margot Henderson who’s children attended the school. The mission is to fill the gap from the many funding cuts the school has suffered from, allowing it to retain the elements of an urban school, such as small class sizes and other things that make the school unique.

The Feasting was somewhat like a normal school fete, but instead of fairy cakes and a bad sausage sizzle, the food was curated by the dining establishment of London. Some of the fantastic names there included my favourite Barrafina, The incredible Koya, Polpo, St Johns, and Boca di Lupo to mention but a few. Drinks were being supplied by the Soho Institution The French House and coffee by Caravan.

Buying tokens for £2 a pop, we mooched about from stall to stall grazing on little bamboo boats of tasty snacks. We had been tasting the quality wines of Borough Wines the night before with some enthusiasm, so we nursed ourselves back to health with the refreshing brews. Some of the best things we munched on was a hearty stew from Barrafina and the left over sandwich of Boca di Lupo which involved some crispy blood sausage with fancy ailoi (the description has now been lost to me) on a toasted ciabatta.

Complete congratulations to all that made this fantastic event happen, and a big pat on the back to any of us who made it down and enjoyed the efforts of all the makers. May this become a great annual event.

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