Cure & Mature

After curing in brine or in a dry cure for nearly 3 weeks, we pulled out the muscles and lardo last week to place in our temperature controlled ‘cupboard’ to proceed on the final stages of the fermentation.

After some disappointment with our Salami’s we were very curious to see what the muscles were doing – They had firmed up nicely, and the colour of them was cheering. We remained hopeful that our meats were going to produce some beautiful product.

The stage of pressing was quite new to me – The process makes a more uniform shape, allowing for a more consistant maturation process throughout the muscle and it also reduces any further water that may remain which speeds up the process of the maturation further. They all were lined up in individual sections of the press in a very orderly fashion. It isn’tΒ surprisingΒ that all German cured products go through this process.

So, now they are out of the press and are into the maturation room. We hope that these products will be ready for sampling nearing the festive season.

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