Making Chinotto

chinottoThe small bitter orange Chinotto is an elusive fruit on these shores. I have tried contacting our suppliers who specialise in Italian fruit and have tried the ever reliable Twitter – all to no avail!

Our love for Chinotto (the drink that is) is the reason for the hunt – we want to make this, served cold with some strong liqueur – when the sun decides to come back. We’re dreaming of sunny afternoons in front of LARDO pretending we’re in an Ital-East-End  piazza. There will be folks sipping cocktails and eating salami…it’s what’s keeping us upbeat while the snow pelts down.

So, despite the fact that our Chinotto will in fact not be made with Chinotto citrus, we went ahead and made it with other fruits anyway – red and white grapefruit, blood oranges, navel orange, lots of black pepper corns, coriander seeds, cinnamon and cloves. Roasting them till they blackened, we have them now seeping for a while. Hopefully our experiment will deliver what we have in mind…

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