New Wines at LARDO

When we started out, we wanted to offer a short, concise, but interesting list. We decided to focus on Europe, and predominately on Italian, but not exclusively, and we wanted it to be fun, with a good selection of natural, organic or from small producers.

We worked with Passione Vino, for our more eclectic Italian choices and Alliance for our house wines who introduced us to our Romanian Pinot Noir. We also began working with OW Loeb who gave us some great selections from France and Germany.

Almost 8 months on, we have decided to mix things up again. We have taken on 2 more suppliers – The lovely Les Caves de Pyrene and Indigo Wines – the former who are the Daddies of Natural wines, and the former who focus on some amazing Spanish.

We have kept it still quite short – 10 for each and one more sparkling for fun in the sun. We have added more Italian, and we have kept them still under ยฃ40ish.

Just in time for summer.

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