Homemade Chinotto

Boozy Chinotto

Chinotto – found on almost every corner of Australia’s streets, is bedded in the sentiments of us all. A drink that I suffered as a child – the drink which adults would buy to make sure it remained untouched in the fridge – I grew to love as an adult. The sweet bitterness of the drink is hugely refreshing on a hot day and makes a great change to two-dimensional alternatives such as your classic cokes or lemonades.

It also is awesome with pizza.

We wanted to re-create this feeling for you all, and, having had no luck finding chinotto citrus here in London, I managed to find a recipe online that solved my little problem! Using a combination of blood oranges, white grapefruit, pink grapefruit and your classic orange, we trialled a batch and let it seep for a month.

Yesterday’s experimentation has most certainly paid off for today, and we’re now proud to offer two options of Chinotto on our menu.

Firstly: the classic, straight up soda. It may not have the darkness seen in the bottled version of Chinotto, but offers much more flavour.

And the second: cunningly entitled ‘The Boozy’, it includes a vodka-infused Chinotto, Martini Rosso, Chinotto syrup and is topped with cola.

Now we just need the sunshine, and we are set for summer.

13 thoughts on “Homemade Chinotto

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  2. Hello from New York! Unfortunately, chinotto is not so available in my part of town, and I am very curious… Would you be so kind as to share the recipe?

  3. Please, please email me the recipe, too! I live in Texas and can’t drop in for one of yours! (I’ll credit you when my friends oh and ah!)

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