Piazza di Richmond Road: Open for business

Now the sun is finally showing its face, and the light is lengthening our days, it is time to trust a little more..

We all are pretty cynical here in the UK when it comes to the weather. We don’t like to trust that its here to stay, but at the same time when it does come the city embraces the warmth like no where else. This enthusiasm is infectious. This is the atitude that we are showing towards this years summer.

As our doors face south, we have the lovely ‘Piazza di Richmond Road’ which both us and our neighbours have now dressed in new tables and chairs to take advantage of what sun we have.

outside with tables

Our normalย trestleย tables are available to book for dinner, on the day of the booking. If you want to book ahead of the day, you can do so, and call us on the day to change the table. We do this because this weather of ours is unpredictable, and we want to ensure all reservations are honoured.

outside tables close up

Our new set of tables, including our deck chairs of summer stripes, are not able to be booked, but you can order drinks, and snacks from our bar menu which will now be available all day. Options of Arancini, bowls of clams and our range of charcuterie will be available along with our full wine and drink menu. Happy days.

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