Pizza Fritta is at COPPA

One of the main reasons for our trek to Napoli, besides the gorgeous granite stands, having some heat on our skin and the vicinity to Capri and Amalfi was to search for the one thing synonymous with Napoli, the Pizza Fritta.

pizza fritta lady

This isn’t the Scottish version – lets get that straight. This Fried pizza is more a dumpling than a battered, defrosted monstrosity. We tried some many versions, and there were many strong opinions of which restaurant sold the best. The one, the size of a rugby ball was the most dramatic, but was too large to enjoy. The smaller on the street could have done with being freshly made, and the plain version reminded me more of a doughnut than pizza.

One thing that we soon realised was that scale is most important. Not all big things are best.

Sofia Loren does Pizza Fritta

The gentleman at Pizza Pilgrims are serving theirs small too, and classic; with mozzarella tomato and basil. Ours come in two forms: one with proscuitto, tomato, mozzarella or with a lovely aubergine and potato.

The dumpling, for this is what this is, has influenced the world, and in all cuisines can be found. It seems we all love a parcel of goodness, wrapped in a crispy cover.

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