COPPA: Changing with the times..

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for coming to COPPA and helping us in the glory of the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying. We have had a fantastic first half of this summer, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that that the sun continues to shine!  We’re having such fun up there, and it’s great to see so many of you enjoy it.

We’re aware that sometimes at peak times we haven’t been able to seat and serve all our walk-in customers.  We’re sorry to those who’ve had to wait longer than you would like, or if we haven’t been able to seat you due to demand. We are trying to find the balance so that you can enjoy what we are offering, and we can give you the best possible time.

When we decided to open COPPA, we dreamed of a beach side bar, full of relaxation and good times. We thought that it would be an relaxed  and loose affair; we didn’t want people to have to book, it was supposed to be a place that you could pop up to and grab a snack and a drink and hang out for a while. And while being a pop-up, we’re somewhat limited in what we can do. The bar is smaller than we would like, the kitchen is really a jazzy BBQ shed. We know it’s not perfect, and we do what we can to make it work. We will make some changes for next year, but for now we are what we are, and we have to work within our restrictions.

Because of the demand, we have to change some of the ways we do things up there. Firstly we are now going to take bookings for the trestle tables as well as the Capannas. This is going to be good news to most. It will help you plan your time with us, and it will help us pace the evening. We are also going to keep the bar free for walk-ins, but we are going to stop serving food in this area. Our little garden shed simply can’t do it all.

We hope these changes will improve the experience for all of us. Please find here a bit more about it. And our menu is here. You can still book by calling us on 020 8985 2683.

Many thanks again for your support. We think you’re ace.

The team at COPPA


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