Summer comes to an end, and so does COPPA

COPPA sunny closeup

Wow, what a summer, for those that haven’t suffered a long few years in London with no summer to speak of, it seemed quite lovely – but to us that have endured, it was one of the best things that has happened for an age.

And how we celebrated!

COPPA sunny 2

As soon as the sun finally broke the lengthly cool grip of winter, we embraced it open armed. July was one of the loveliest months, spent lying about in backyards, kicking back in the park and taking advantage of the ample new outdoor pursuits that London put on this year.

When we decided to open COPPA, we hoped that we would have at least 4 weekends of sun. July provided this and more – and thanks to you it became one of the loveliest places to spend some time, drinking huge quantities of Aperol Spritz, and boozy granite whilst hanging with the lemons and the trees.

COPPA sunny 4

COPPA is such a lovely fun place to spend a sunny day, and we had such amazing days and evenings up there. This is the year of the plastic lemons, of a beach on a roof, and when Londons love affair with a particular Italian aperitif took hold.

But all good things must come to an end, and a sudden and quick one it was. As quickly as this summer came, it quickly left, and we are now firmly in the Autumn.

So although we hoped for the Indian Summer of 2012 and to have warm nights into October, this year the sun came strong and early and its time to close COPPA until next year.

COPPA sunny 3

To say farewell we are opening one last evening, this Saturday for a party of all parties. Bookings are open for dinner from 5, and we hope to see lots of you for drinks and dinner to send us off on a high!

Thanks again to all those who came down to make this summer one to remember. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, and of course next year when we can do it all again!


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