Christmas at LARDO

Kids are great. They are to the point, and clear about their goals. They know what they like, and what they want. We could all learn a bit from them. Some kids have one solid interest. Others are in it for companionship, and others just want a new hairdo (and an elf).

Hannah montana

realelfcat, dog, pigOnce you get to be grown-up, we all suddenly begin to want the same things. Perhaps because we now know that elves are overrated, and pigs are nicest when cooked.

These days, one of the main things on our Christmas hotlist is a good meal, with some great wine, and all our favourite people around us. We don’t want to cook it, and we would prefer someone who is lovely to bring us these tasty things with good cheer.

Now – without being too obvious – I know just the place.

Click here for the menu, and you can email us

if you want to make a booking.

*We are taking bookings for our christmas menu for daytime only and for a minimum of 8 people. If you would like to come for 7 or less, we will have some of seasonal dishes available on our a la carte menu. Unfortunately, we can’t accomodate groups larger than 7 people in the evening, after 5:30. Please let us know if you are interested in going to the Hackney Empire Pantomime before or after your booking. We can arrange discounted tickets for groups.

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