Getting in the mood..

Valentines day is this week – another day where restaurants are full of tables of 2. Tables of 2 are rarely raucous,  which is totally fine, but restaurants always have a different atmosphere when they are full of smaller tables.

Being a Friday, there are a few larger groups booked. They are either oblivious to the V-day or are going out regardless, and we are glad for it. We are big believers that every day should be a LURVE day, but to get into the spirit and the mood we are offering some delicious shared options which are perfect for 2, or alternatively for 4 or even 5, because sharing is caring and shouldn’t be exclusive to lovers.

Spiny Lobster, Fennel Salad will be delicious and a hit with the couples. We are also offering a Forerib Tagliata which will satisfy the more hearty eaters and then last but not least we have Spaghetti Meatballs for two, which leads us to enjoy reenactments of Lady and The Tramp throughout the evening. The most successful wins a prize!


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