PINCH PANTRY opens on Greenwood Road

IMG_9399The beautifully tiny Pinch Pantry opened its doors on Saturday to a warm welcome in the neighbourhood.

Operated by the lovely Catherine Martin (Our Exquisite Corpse), Venus McMahon and Rachel O’Sullivan (Ex Head Chef of Spuntino) this gorgeous deli is offering the neighbourhood a carefully curated collection of delicious morsels including a range of our special charcuterie!

Venus has spent many hours collating a range of items that she truly loved – items that aren’t available easily and that she felt the neighbourhood would appreciate. Wines come mostly organic/ and or natural, cheeses are sourced from Neals Yard and a lovely selection of seasonal vegetables are available.


IMG_9394Catherine Martin is also Our Exquisite Corpse, of which there are some gorgeous examples amongst the edibles. She has been searching for a long time to hang her special cow hoof lights  and has created a lovely environment in which to shop.

The talented Rachel O’Sullivan will be preparing some gorgeous pre-prepared meals you can simply warm up and serve. Undoubtably a saviour for many – one we can’t wait to take advantage of.

One thing that we are excited about is that finally we can offer our bespoke charcuterie outside of the walls of LARDO. We are thrilled that PINCH are selling both our Fennel Pollen Salame and our Black Anise Pepperoni. We hope to increase the offering further as the year continues.

IMG_9397Please do yourself a favour and pop down to check out the gorgeous PINCH – You will be transported from the streets of Hackney into the warmth of a food utopia and your stomach will love you for it.


51A Greenwood Rd

Hackney E8


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