COPPA opens for the summer of 2014

We are thrilled to announce that COPPA opened its doors last Saturday evening for the beginning of the 2014 Summer season!

COPPA close up of capanna tableOffering a fantastic view over the green slopes of London Fields, COPPA is our interpretation of a summer fling in Capri – Plastic Lemons, Checked tablecloths with Waitresses in frilly aprons – The setting may be silly but what is on offer isn’t.

Opening Thursday evening, Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday, we will be a wonderful place to while away some sunny days..We have extended our awning this year so that the majority of the space is protected from rain whilst still catching the sun as it slips down over the park.

A range of boozy granite (and sober ones too) are on the menu as well as a short but delicious range of wines, most of which are natural including one delicious Lambrusco which is all we want to drink this summer.. Other cocktails are plentiful, and this year we also have a coffee machine, so really all your wants and desires can be sated this year..

COPPA Menu Spring 2014Food options begin at 12 on the weekend and 5pm on Thursday and Friday evening – As a Rositicceria (or Roastery) this year, we will be serving a free range chicken either marinated in ‘Nduja or in Rosemary and Lemon and with a range of salads and sides including Genovese salad, Orange and Fennel or Patatine Fritte.

COPPA Menu Spring 2014

On Sundays we will be offering another choice of roast, this week it being Lamb with Anchovy and Rosemary – if you would like this, you will have to be quick!

You can look at what is on the menu here, and for groups you can view it here

The weather is looking bright and sunny this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing many of you up in the trees..

‘Til then!


P.S. This week we are shut on Thursday eve for a private function and remember you can always book for groups over 6.. 020 8985 2683


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