Viva Germany – Love for Riesling, Biscuits and Football

Precision. That is what I think of when I think of Germany. I remember speaking to Graham at Native Breeds about German charcuterie making and he said (something along the lines of) “They have manufacturing down – They master how to do something and then systemise it so that they make it exactly the same, with the least amount of effort time and time again. They might not be the most creative, but they produce great things that you can totally rely on”. I see their point – develop something great, and then make it time and time again. Creativity can be overrated if at the end of the day you just have 10 versions of something average.Lebkuchen

I respect precision – I love it in engineering, its critical in baking, and its awesome in Riesling. It is a key ingredient for success. Last nights swift sweep up of Brazil is this personified in a team effort. Very impressive.brazil defeated

But it’s precison’s place in riesling that makes my heart swell. This fine and delicate line between sugar and acidity still makes me giddy. It’s this combination that I crave and sees me repeatedly returning to time and time again. My first introduction to German Riesling was years ago in Melbourne and I still remember how it bent my small mind – How can this sweet wine be so racy? How can sweetness not be something that repels but lures? I thank Scott Wasley still for this introduction to a love affair that has stayed the distance for the last 15 years. A life without German Riesling is one that is lacking.

For some of you, you will already know that this month heralds the celebration of German Riesling – At LARDO, we are listing a lovely spritely Bernhard Mehrlein Mittelheimer Edelmann Trocken 2012 from Rheingau for the rest of the month.

We might even get excited and list another too.. We don’t believe you should have just one month a year to celebrate these amazing wines – we should be celebrating them every day of every year… So, you never know we might just keep them on!


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