LONZO coming soon..

It is with great excitement that we are preparing for the opening of two new projects – LONZO HQ and LARDO BEBÉ in the next few weeks..

When we first opened LARDO we wanted to be much more involved in the products that we served and since then have made almost everything that we can, in house.

Our original idea was to offer this product for retail, offer courses on the making and do all the making, including the charcuterie within LARDO,  but the space was too small so we had to compromise.. Now we have taken on a warehouse space just off London Fields where we now can do all the things we originally had planned – LONZO HQ.

On the last weekend of November, we will open the doors to the public.


Sourcing a farmer that would be open to raise Mangalitza pigs was to be the biggest challenge and we found Julian Swift who now raises these along with his wild boar that he has been raising for years. His approach to raising pigs – outside, within forests, encouraging foraging, and raised for at least 12 months produces a pig that is of good weight, with good fat and is suitable to our salumi making needs.

Our collaboration with Native Breeds is our most important – they use these pigs to produce our range of products that both utilise the whole pig and also highlight the unique and special qualities within each of the breeds. Our range is now extending to have our Mangalitza range, our salame and our cooked range that we use within our dishes. All these will soon be finished on site at LONZO and be available to purchase to take home.


Bread, the staple of life. It has had quite the bad rap of late, but industrialisation has a lot to answer for. The breads we make come from the old traditions of long fermentation, wet doughs and hand moulding. Our focaccia and light rye, offered at LARDO since we opened is now to be made at LONZO and available to purchase on Saturday and Sundays alongside a range of pastries, both savoury and sweet and a new extended range of breads.


We have been sourcing some very special wines at LARDO, all with the commonality of makers wanting to highlight the uniqueness of where they come from. We have been moving up and down Europe each season, giving us the opportunity to learn more about terroir and the effect this has on vines. LONZO gives us an opportunity to list our favourites for you to drink in or to take away.


LONZO will be predominately a retail space, but we also will be offering a short menu of items that utilise the products on offer. Come in for a plate of charcuterie, some antipasti, some warm bread with a glass of wine. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 9.

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