60 Second Review Awards – LARDO is best Neighbourhood Restaurant!

60 Second Dine is a great app that provides intelligent, snappy online video reviews on restaurants in the capital – written and presented by proper food and drink journalists that know what they are talking about. And we aren’t just biased. We have been watching these for a very ages, and its a great resource when trying to keep up with what is happening around the traps.

We were pretty pleased to hear that they are as fond of us as we are of them, and was appreciative of the lovely review which was posted a few months ago (see above). Even more thrilling is hearing that we are awarded as their favourite neighbourhood restaurant for 2014. Big Love x.

2014 Recap – What a year..

We have had a fantastic 2014 – LARDO has gone from strength to strength, COPPA kicked off in May to one of the best and warmest summers London has experienced in recent years, and this winter we opened LARDO bebè, our new takeaway and delivery mini-me.

We have seen Hackney develop into a dining destination over the last few years, and we are very happy to be part of it. With so many new exciting places opening up around us, we are grateful for your continued support and want to take this opportunity to thank you for coming back time and again.

LARDO is now closed until the evening of Friday 2nd January. For those of you that are staying in the neighbourhood during this festive period and are looking for a LARDO fix, please come and visit LARDO bebè – situated on Sandringham Rd, just off Amhurst Rd and near to Hackney Downs. Bebè will be open for most of this period and will be very happy to see you.*

The other piece of great news is that LARDO bebè starts its delivery service from the 1st of January – perfect for those of you who are a little worse for wear and within a 2km radius of the restaurant (see the map for reference).

*Bebè will be shut on Christmas and Boxing Day and NYE, reopening for the much needed NYD brunch


Click here to see an example menu and keep up to date with what’s going on by following us below.

Bebè’s soft launch week starts from Monday

We are excited to announce our opening of our new restaurant, LARDO bebè. We are offering our friends and early enthusiasts an opportunity to come next week from Monday to Thursday when we are softly opening to sample our wares for 50% off (food only)

If you are interested in coming down, please contact us on 020 30210 747 to book.

We hope that you enjoy our new ‘baby’ and spread the good word.


LARDO has some December treats in store.

These coming months are jam packed with exciting things in store at LARDO..

We have designed a great Christmas menu that works for 8 to 24 people, and this year we are opening up for groups in the evenings too.

We have two menus to choose from – One priced at £35 – includes a whole roast Porchetta, the other £30 has a family style Lasagne for the table.

You will be able to book this from the 1st until the 21st, our last shift before we close for break.

We will be reopen for dinner on the 2nd January.

Our lovely friends at Native Breeds, have produced a beautiful ham this year and this will be available on the menu all through the month, and you will also be able to purchase this for your Christmas lunch – This along with lots of other Christmas goodies will be available at LONZO our new bakery and retail space on Helmsley place E8 3SB every weekend from the 29th November.

For those of you who are staying put this christmas break, we have a great treat in store.. LARDO may be closed, but it’s new offspring LARDO Bebé, situated on Sandringham Rd is opening soon, and will be open for most of the Christmas period – shutting for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and NYE only.

For Christmas enquiries, please call our booking line on 020 8985 2683 or email wioletta@lardo.co.uk

LONZO coming soon..

It is with great excitement that we are preparing for the opening of two new projects – LONZO HQ and LARDO BEBÉ in the next few weeks..

When we first opened LARDO we wanted to be much more involved in the products that we served and since then have made almost everything that we can, in house.

Our original idea was to offer this product for retail, offer courses on the making and do all the making, including the charcuterie within LARDO,  but the space was too small so we had to compromise.. Now we have taken on a warehouse space just off London Fields where we now can do all the things we originally had planned – LONZO HQ.

On the last weekend of November, we will open the doors to the public.


Sourcing a farmer that would be open to raise Mangalitza pigs was to be the biggest challenge and we found Julian Swift who now raises these along with his wild boar that he has been raising for years. His approach to raising pigs – outside, within forests, encouraging foraging, and raised for at least 12 months produces a pig that is of good weight, with good fat and is suitable to our salumi making needs.

Our collaboration with Native Breeds is our most important – they use these pigs to produce our range of products that both utilise the whole pig and also highlight the unique and special qualities within each of the breeds. Our range is now extending to have our Mangalitza range, our salame and our cooked range that we use within our dishes. All these will soon be finished on site at LONZO and be available to purchase to take home.


Bread, the staple of life. It has had quite the bad rap of late, but industrialisation has a lot to answer for. The breads we make come from the old traditions of long fermentation, wet doughs and hand moulding. Our focaccia and light rye, offered at LARDO since we opened is now to be made at LONZO and available to purchase on Saturday and Sundays alongside a range of pastries, both savoury and sweet and a new extended range of breads.


We have been sourcing some very special wines at LARDO, all with the commonality of makers wanting to highlight the uniqueness of where they come from. We have been moving up and down Europe each season, giving us the opportunity to learn more about terroir and the effect this has on vines. LONZO gives us an opportunity to list our favourites for you to drink in or to take away.


LONZO will be predominately a retail space, but we also will be offering a short menu of items that utilise the products on offer. Come in for a plate of charcuterie, some antipasti, some warm bread with a glass of wine. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 9.

So long, Farewell.. COPPA’s final days..

coppaThe gorgeous summer is drawing in, and that means our summer floozy, COPPA is too.

This weekend we are saying our final farewell with special snacks on offer and cheeky cocktails for £5

We want to send this summer off in style, so we really hope you can join us.

We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday..



How to: Make Chinotto

The most popular post on the blog by a long way is the one about Homemade Chinotto. And the one comment I get the most is requesting the recipe.

Rather than emailing individually, hear is the recipe – feel free to adapt as you feel – It took us a few batches to get the right balance of herbs and the ageing makes quite a difference too.

SO, you will need…

A handful of rosemary

A generous grab of black pepper corns

A few cloves (not too many of these or you will make it too festive)

Coriander Seeds, a good sprinkle

Cinnamon sticks (on a big tray we use 2-3)

A good range of citrus – Try and make it more grapefruit than orange, a mix of both pink and white is good and orange and a lemon or 2 is also good.

chinottoYou want to cut the citrus up in equal measure and lay them on a large baking tray and cover them equally with the herbs above. Pop them into an oven and roast them slowly until blackened. The blackening of the citrus makes it caramelised.. Once these have blackened take them out of the oven and pour them into an equal parts sugar syrup that you have prepared. (1:1 sugar to water)

Make sure the fruit isn’t exposed to the air (one solution is to cover the top with cling film and then put a plate on the top) and then refrigerate for up to a month. The longer you refrigerate the less fruity it is and the more savoury and herby is becomes.

Add a good drizzle to soda and add a generous slice of orange and drink!



Meet Lily + Skinner – A restaurateur collective of sorts

For the last few months, a group of restaurateurs and food professionals have been gathering together to discuss the forming of a collective of sorts. Most of them are from the borough of Hackney and all of them are women.

hackney food women

We come from all sorts of backgrounds and all our restaurants are very unique to each other. We frequent each others places as patrons and move the meetings from one venue to another. Some meetings are smaller and others we all manage to make. There are no rules, secret handshakes or application forms – if we know someone that we like we invite them to join.

Lily + Skinner (Cockney rhyming slang for dinner) has come together to offer support and for us to tap into our collective resources. We ultimately want the same thing – to run successful businesses that offer us creative independence that being an entrepreneur offers. It can be hard out there – and you often find you make the same mistakes as many other young businesses. Often due to fear of ideas being taken or of confidential information being exposed we keep our cards close to our chest. But often we actually realise that by sharing experiences (or even a well created excel sheet) saves a lot of time and effort and efficiencies can be made.

Another exciting part of this sharing of ideas and resources is in the diversity of each our restaurants. We have chatted about using each of sites to help provide more diverse training for our staff, by using our staff as ‘mystery diners’ or by offering vouchers that we swap to incentivise our teams. We have shared our database of staff looking for extra work, done kitchen takeovers to cross promote and have events in the planning where we can bring together our friends, staff and families together for a  good ol’ knees up.

It is early days, and we are just starting to get a feeling for what could be possible. Who knows what and where this can take us but we can already see the benefits of a shared common goal – for people to know about Hackney as a great place to eat and drink and if we, together can create interest, then we are all the better for it!

You can follow us all on twitter @lilyandskinner or on https://www.facebook.com/lilyandskinnercollective and soon on our blog at www.lilyandskinner.com

We just had a lovely write up in the Evening Standard yesterday which you can find here!