LARDO Pizzeria, Hackney

LARDO opened on the 9th July, 2012 on Richmond Road in Hackney E8 3NJ within the iconic Arthaus building.

With Christian Angius as Head Chef, we offer a non-traditional interpretation to the classic pizzeria.

Following the seasons around Italy – offering Southern dishes in the summer, and moving to the North during winter, we change the menu almost daily.

Anything we can make here, we do so, and if we can’t make it here we rely on friends and partners to make it for us. Our Charcuterie, made from Mangalitza pigs raised in Somerset are produced at Native Breeds in Gloucestershire. All pasta and breads are made in house.

We are open 7 days a week, from 11am – 11pm Monday to Saturday and 11am – 10pm on Sunday.

You can book online through our websiteΒ , or by calling 020 8985 2683.